Welcome to the Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization

The Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization ministers the highest levels of religious services, as well as other select services to help one on his route to Operating Thetan (OT).

The Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) is a unique church of Scientology which is located aboard the Motor Vessel Freewinds, a 440-foot ship based in the Caribbean, with the home port of Curaçao. The ship was acquired in the mid-1980s shortly before the release of the highest advanced auditing level currently available, New OT VIII.

Needing a safe, aesthetic, distraction-free environment appropriate for ministration of this profoundly spiritual level of auditing, this church of Scientology returned to the sea, far from the crossroads of the workaday world. And while the Flag Service Organization ministers the highest levels of training and auditing from the bottom of The Bridge up to New OT VII, the most advanced OT level—OT VIII—is entrusted exclusively to the FSSO.

To a Scientologist, coming to the Freewinds for New OT VIII is the pinnacle of a deeply spiritual journey. Years of training and auditing have brought him to this ultimate point. It is the most significant spiritual accomplishment of his lifetime and brings with it the full realization of his immortality.

Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization The Freewinds is a very special place. It is the one place on this planet that a Scientologist can go and be certain that he will be able to devote all of his attention to his religious practice and, at the same time, share the company of people who share his religious commitment and outlook on life in general. A voyage on the Freewinds is nowhere close to a vacation. Rather, it is the perfect religious retreat dedicated to enabling one to devote his full attention to spiritual growth.

One parishioner said, “Not only was I in a part of the world I had never seen, I was also there to embark on a spiritual journey of immense importance. The religious service I did there could only be accomplished at sea—literally off the crossroads of the world, where I and other Scientologists in a completely distraction-free environment could find out about ourselves and realms of spirituality that were quite beyond anything I had ever dreamed of.”

“I’ve come to realize that my visit to the Freewinds was the launching point for my spiritual reawakening,” wrote another parishioner after his first visit to the FSSO. “I’ve found where I was destined to be and know with certainty the group to which I truly belong.”

Religious services ministered aboard the Freewinds are not limited to Scientologists who have reached New OT VIII.

Rather, there are many specialized services ministered involving training in advanced spiritual concepts that would give a tremendous boost in awareness to any Scientologist, no matter where on the Grade Chart he may be. These services are based on several series of very popular lectures that L. Ron Hubbard gave in the 1950s on the state of OT, such as The Route to Infinity, Scientology: Milestone One and The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress.

Other religious programs conducted aboard the Freewinds include religious conventions and seminars for staff and parishioners of churches of Scientology from around the world as well as specially arranged gatherings also for Scientologists from a particular country or community for a particular program of religious services.

Each year the annual Maiden Voyage event, commemorating the anniversary of New OT VIII, has come to be one of the most important gatherings of dedicated Scientologists and an opportunity for senior Church officials to meet and work directly with these parishioners to advance their religion. Scientologists who attend this annual spiritual cruise become “OT Ambassadors” and initiate programs to help Scientologists all over the world advance the aims of Scientology and to reach the top of The Bridge at New OT VIII.

The Freewinds is like no other place on Earth. It truly marks the beginning of a voyage to all eternity.